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St Griswold College for Abandoned Boys

Silver medallist in 2015 Readers' Favorite awards


A mysterious letter pitches 13-year-old Xavier Jones' life into turmoil after his parents abandon him at St Griswold College deep within the Mourn Forest. What secrets have his parents hidden from him? Why is the principal, Ms Ratchet so eager to unearth them? Alone and afraid, Xavier hates his parents for what they have done yet desperately longs for them. 


While the world changes outside the school walls, evil brews at St Griswold. Xavier discovers the school and its inhabitants have strange customs and dark secrets. And then there are the voices. Everything he knows and believes about the world shifts. He befriends Ethan, a long term student and Gabe, an eccentric new arrival. Through them he discovers humour, hope and courage – and the first stirrings of his abilities. In a magical world teeming with angels, demons, shape shifters and the Darklaw, the boys meet Beth, a young seer from Ambrosia. Using their abilities and devices, they must discover who they can trust among those they meet including the ethereal Boundary Keeper, a vain messenger angel and a magical watchmaker. Together they journey across a country infiltrated by sinister forces in the hope of saving the children of Griswold. On this journey, they witness the terrifying first strike, a celestial battle between angelic and demonic armies. And Xavier learns of his destiny and a frightening prediction.








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